Bells Super Swell

Last weekend saw a massive SW swell slam into Victoria’s southern surf coast. With NW winds predicted for the entire Saturday I decided to make a bee-line for the area. If you have ever been to Bells beach, then you already know that it can be your typical ‘four seasons in one day’ location; with blustering winds and white-capping swells one minute and soft gusts with ruler etched swell lines the next. The constant and unpredictable nature of weather conditions in the area makes every visit a new and exciting experience.

Having spent quite a bit of time surfing Winkipop over the last two years, I have grown to both love and hate the setup. Basically I love shooting the wave and I hate surfing it. Any goofy footer that has surfed Winki will know that it is an absolute nightmare to complete a descent turn when there is any size to a swell; unless of course you surf with the speed of a WQS or WCT surfer. Therefore, the majority of us Goofies will catch a wave, get caught behind a section and watch in frustration as any one of the many talented natural footers that frequent the area attack the wave behind. Saturday was to be your typical Winki session, with the natural footers putting on a clinic of frontside hacks, gouges and even the odd roundhouse.

After a few hours of shooting and with the sun slowly making it’s way North, I decided to head over to the Bells lineup. The tide was draining out of the amphitheater and a small group of chargers were confronting 10-12ft sets, breaking sporadically between middle Rincon and the outside Bowl in roughly 14 degree waters, the atmosphere was truly electric. With every viewing platform available filled with keen spectators, and a constant barrage of massive Southern Ocean swell, every surfer on the south coast with a ‘gun’ and the guts to use it was charging. Here are some images from the day.

All images were created using Canon ‘L’ series equipment. Furthermore, when using my Canon 500mm lens, I also use an Induro tripod and Wimberley tripod head for maximum stability and freedom of movement.

You can also find an interesting array of images (including one of mine) from the swell on Magicseaweed at    –

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