Hi, I’m Jim!

  • I’m a self-taught photographer 
  • I hold a postgraduate degree in Teaching 
  • I love writing songs and playing the guitar
  • I’ve created over 200,000 images
  • I love to surf and play golf (and the order is always changing)
  • I live in the fastest growing small town in the world, Foxton Beach (Foccy YEAH!)


Jim was the first New Zealand photographer to make the finals of the prestigious ‘Follow the Light’ international surf photography awards in 2013


 “Jim has vaulted through the stages to become a well-published NZ photographer with a CV full of magazine spreads. His rise through the ranks has been impressively meteoric, reflective of his passion and drive”  Craig Levers (CPL)
“Jim brings enthusiasm and dedication to his photography-he excels in capturing the lifestyle and feel of any photo shoot whilst nabbing the highlights of the action as well. His work both in and out of the water is amongst some of the best in NZ Steve Dickinson – Pacific Media Ltd – KSM – NZ Surfing Magazine – Adventure Magazine


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