Still Motion Collection


The primary goal of a specialist surf photographer is to document decisive moments of surfing action. To attain the best images this usually involves swimming in dangerous surf with a heavy DSLR placed in a custom built water-housing. Along with the common hurdles faced by all photograhers (weather, lighting, equipment failures to name a few), surf photographers also deal with swirling rip currents, fast-moving and incredibly sharp objects, and a constant threat of aggressive or curious sea-life, all the while using swim fins to stay afloat in the impact zone. These obstacles make a high quality surf image difficult to come by, and therefore immensely rewarding to create.

Seven years ago I embarked on a photographic journey to share my love for surfing with others. What better motivation for photography than a passion that has consumed me since I first rode a board sixteen years ago? I traveled the length and width of Aotearoa, through Australia, the Pacific Islands and the Mentawais; my journey resulting in numerous editorial spreads and magazine covers.

Recently, while looking back through my archives, I found I had taken a number of photographs that were never destined to see the pages of surfing magazines. These were isolated moments of raw beauty, where the diverse colour palette of our ocean forced me to compose an image I knew would not meet the ‘action image’ brief. The Still Motion Collection is a first edition series of these images. Printed with archival inks on hahnemuhle photo rag, each piece is the original artist’s proof, hand-signed for authenticity.

Seven years in the making, my hope is that the images in the Still Motion Collection may inspire viewers to consider how the natural beauty of our oceans can bring balance and harmony to the hectic pace of modern living-the rest is open to interpretation. The sea gives me joy, may it do the same for you.

Each piece in the Still Motion Collection is the original artist’s proof. Meticulously scrutinized to ensure a perfect replication of my vision before being signed, each print is mounted and finished in a stunning dark ramin frame, ready to hang.

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